Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back on the Wagon....

Well, time for confessions.  Things have been a bit up and down for me.  It's been almost 2 months since I've blogged. In that time my weight has done a sharp upward jump. I'd do well for a few days then go off the rails and inhale everything in sight.  Thursday morning (9/6) I got on the scale to find I had hit 172.2.  ARGGGGG!  Basically I've regained almost half of the weight I'd lost (this is totally embarrassing to admit). 
Reality check.  I came to the realization that if I continued on my current path, by the time I get through the holiday season I'll be  back up to my highest weight of 202.  All of my clothes are tight and uncomfortable and I don't have anything in bigger sizes anymore.  Enough is enough.
I know I can't eat sugar, so that's out (again).  I have also been doing a fair amount of drinking, which is out for now too. 
Getting back on track has been easier than I expected.  I know what to do, it's just a matter of doing it, without excuses or rationalization of bad behavior .  The expected headaches hit the first day, but otherwise I'm feeling so much better.  I'm eating lots of whole foods, massive spinach smoothies, and plenty of lean protein.  I refuse to walk around hungry, so I make sure to eat regularly (high quality foods of course).  Hubby is being supportive, but struggles with his own sugar addiction.  He brought home cookies yesterday and asked if I wanted the last one.  He's now starting to understand that I very easily snowball out of control, so "No Thanks" isn't met with the same resistance of the past. Yay!
I set up a new workout schedule & got the food portion cleaned up.  Now it's time to let my body do it's thing :)  I'm trying not to be obsessive about the number on the scale.  I just want to be comfortable in my skin and active and healthy.
Thursdays are my new weigh-in days...just to track the trend.  I've set a mini goal to be back down to 155 by November 10th (baby girl's 2nd birthday). I think that's aggressive but do-able.
Ultimately I'd like to get down to 135-140 range, but for now I'm concentrating on eating clean & exercising consistently (again lol).
I'll be checking in soon....

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Lucy said...

So nice to hear from you!!!! I'm in the same boat - again....BUT I do feel things are different. I'm feeling stronger than I ever have before...more sure, more definite of how I need/want my life to be.