Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weigh-in 11/29

Previous Weight: 151.4
Current Weight: 151.8
Change: +.4

Grrrrr.  I'm really not liking the scale right now :/  I know in my head that I need to let go of what the scale says, but it's a really difficult thing for me. 
I should be grateful that I've basically maintained. Things have been a bit "off" since Thanksgiving.  I overdid it on the dessert table (shocking right??) and have been struggling with carbs since.  I thought maybe if I upped my carb intake I wouldn't crave them so bad... you know, like if I allow myself a little leeway it would be better?? Buzzzzz, wrong answer.  Leeway (in terms of carbs) is a slippery slope for me.  Throw in a few bad nights with sleeping & dreary weather and I feel like a mess! Cravings and bad choices galore.  I'm not talking massive amounts of anything (as in binging) but picking at little bits of this and that adds up too. Wine and a half a bagel is not dinner either (that was last night).
I did some thinking today.  I need to be better prepared in terms of dinner. That's been a hot mess this week. I need to make sure I have good stuff in the house... I must go to the grocery store TODAY. 
I also need to commit to an exercise plan for the next 4 weeks.  I finished up my 6 week weight training plan last week and felt a bit at loose ends in that department. I don't want to start the second 6 week program when I know I'll be going out of town at the 4 week point. Did I mention we're going to Disneyland for Christmas??
After some thought, a little Jillian seems to be the answer to that dilemma.  Ripped in 30 is 4 weeks long. I have 4 weeks before Disneyland. Plus, there's no excuses even if the weather's bad.  I've done week 1 of the DVD 2x this week.  Tomorrow and Saturday will make it 4 days.  I'll also be squeezing in some runs along the way.
It definitely feels better to have a plan.  And as always it helps to write it down here :)
No more wine, no more bagels, no more crap or excuses.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weigh-in 11/22

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Really quickly I'm going to check-in.

Previous Weight: 152.0
Current Weight: 151.4
Change: -0.6

I *know* every little bit counts. I *know* I ate a high sodium dinner last night.  To say I'm not slightly disappointed would be a lie though.  I was really tempted to hop on the scale after I got home from my run this morning, just to "see" a lower number, but that's just silly and unhealthy thinking.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Check back later... 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch-up and Thanksgiving Plans...

So apparently I've lost my blogging mojo.  I keep thinking "I need to blog" and then draw a blank.  Sorry folks.  It is what it is.
I'm looking forward to some family time Thursday.  I have every intention of enjoying my day but with that being said, I won't be going nutso.  The plan is to run 5 miles and lift Thanksgiving morning and then eat/drink in moderation.  My 2 pitfalls are usually my grandma's (from scratch) rolls and dessert.  I'll be enjoying one of each and savoring.  I also know that I cannot let it become a multi-day extravaganza (this is an important point for me). 
It feels good to have a plan to execute. 
I made it through the potential pitfall of birthday cake last week without any issues.  Made the cake, had a few licks of frosting, ate a couple bites off kiddos plate and moved on. Yay me :)
Sunday was "measurements" day.  I'm happy to report that I've lost another 1" on my waist, 1/2" on the bust and  1/4" on my hips.  I don't know if I'm going to hit my 149 lb goal by Thanksgiving but if I don't, I'm okay.  The scale is a fickle creature.  I'm losing inches, getting faster and stronger every day.  Those three things are more important to me than a number.  I almost broke an 8 min/mile pace last night on my 5 mile run (without paying attention)...that's HUGE to me. Woo-hoo for non-scale victories!!
Finally, I'll leave you with this little gem-
    Have a great day folks!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weigh-in 11/15

Previous Weight: 153.8
Current Weight: 152.0
Change: -1.8

Even with my indulgences over the weekend I managed a nice loss.  Yay :)
Don't have time for more than a quick check-in today as it's my youngest kiddo's 2nd birthday and I have a Minnie Mouse cake to make and a house to clean and a workout to squeeze in somewhere.
Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cleanin' it up...

It's time to catch you up on my weekend.  I'll tell you up front that I made some sub-optimal choices.  I had a few drinks, I missed a couple workouts, I ate some junk.  I'm not beating myself up because it's life, and I'm back on track (mostly).  I don't feel great about some of the choices I made because they just made me feel *ick*, but I can't change it now. 
So, onward I go.  The house is stocked with all my healthy staples,  I ran 5 miles yesterday instead of just 3, I plan on doing a double workout today (weight training and a 3 mi run) and I'll be pushing the water hard the next few days.  Mitigating the "damage" as best as possible. 

On a side note, I want to thank all of you who took the time to give me your opinions on what to wear.  In the end, while the favorite pick was outfit #2, I wore the black dress. The grey top is one of my favorites, and I have worn it on date night before, but I felt I would be under-dressing my husband since he wore his full suit and tie ensemble.  The black dress was more in line with his outfit (and he requested I wear it).

So there you have it, you're all caught up.  Here's to a great finish to the rest of the week!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pick your favorite...

As promised in my earlier post, here are the pictures of my possible outfits for this weekend's night out.






The black dress didn't photograph well, but is very pretty with a ruched bodice and broach. The details just didn't show up. This is actually hubby's pick. 
I'd love to hear what you think! Which outfit is your favorite?

Weigh-in 11/8

Previous Weight: 155.8
Current Weight: 153.8
Change: -2.0

Two pound loss this week! Yay :) Nine weeks in and 18.4 lbs total lost (from my "restart point"). Yay :)

I don't think I've mentioned this, but Friday & Saturday last week I suffered from a big case of "Not Good Enoughs" and "The Blahs". I felt fat and gross and just generally "ugh"with a side of bad mom and wife thrown in.  Even though I was feeling that way, I argued with myself that it wasn't true and I was being crazy.  Inside my head was an interesting place to be...not.  Since I was feeling that way, I decided that a perfect cure would be a slight increase in calories and a bit of pampering.  Part of Sunday was spent expirementing with at-home beauty treatments...a moisturizing hair mask, mini facial etc.  While it didn't cure me entirely, it did make me feel a little better. Plus, it made my kids laugh. It's not every day you see mom with plastic wrap on her head.
Looking at it and analyzing, I think part of it may have been cycle related (ovulation).  I know that I'm sensitive to hormonal fluxuations and being aware of where I'm at in my cycle is helpful info.
By Monday I was feeling better and I dropped my calories back down and moved on.
I know sometimes I come across very "happy, happy, joy, joy" but let me assure you, that isn't always the case. While I try to be positive, sometimes I'm just not there. 

So anyway, moving on.  Today is going to be a double post day, as I have narrowed down my choices for outfits to wear this weekend.  I'll be cleaning the mirror lol  and doing one more fashion show.  Seeing pictures helps me and I like the input from all of you because I tend to be a mite fashionably challenged.  Check back later and vote for your favorite outfit.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Help Me!

Alright folks, I need your opinions.  This coming weekend the hubs and I are going out of town.  We're going to a comedy show and I want your opinion as to what I should wear.  The follow pictures are the the 3 outfits I'm trying to choose from.  I may have a few more options later in the week as I'm going to raid my mother-in-laws' closet tomorrow, but for now, this is it. Please excuse the lack of makeup and the dirty mirror lol
Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3
Thoughts?? Please leave me a comment!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weigh-in 11/1

Previous Weight: 155.6
Current Weight: 155.8
Change: +0.2

I refuse to be bummed by the fact that I essentially maintained this week. Part of the process. The overall picture is good and my measurements are showing positive changes.  I also recognize that I am retaining fluid today (my ring is tight this morning, #1 clue).  Last night's dinner didn't help anything.  We stopped and picked up a family size nugget meal from Chicken Barn and ate dinner with my in-laws.  You can't always have a perfect meal or a healthy one either.  I ate chicken and a small amount of coleslaw and skipped the biscuits and spuds.  I feel pretty good about my choices. 
Obviously, today we have two big bowls of junk sitting around after trick or treating last night.  I'll probably stick it up in the cupboard later.  While I'm not craving candy or even desiring to eat it, staring at it every time I walk through the kitchen is not the best idea either.  Out of sight, out of mind usually works better for me.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  I'll leave you with a pic of my little monkeys....
Minnie, Jewel Sparkle (Lalaloopsy), & Batman

  What's your plan for dealing with the Halloween candy??