Monday, May 14, 2012


Hope everyone had a great weekend! I headed to the beach for Mother's Day and enjoyed a relaxing few hours on the coast. I'm sporting an impressive sunburn as evidence....silly really since I know how quickly I burn. One of these days I'll quit acting like I don't need sunscreen. Usually I'm pretty good about it, since I hate sunburns, but not this time. My legs got the worst of it, which means life's a bit painful for me right now. Anyway, on to the good stuff....
The nice people over at RE-BODY Blog requested an interview for a segment they call "Health Heroes". I was completely flattered and touched to be profiled. The post went up today. Hopefully you'll pop over there and give it a read... HERE.
Happy Monday bloggy world! Hope your week is off to a bang!

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REBYRYAN said...

Way cool! (The spotlight, not the sunburn.)