Saturday, April 28, 2012

Body Image...

Hey guys! Hope your week was great and the weekend ahead is filled with fun.  This is a bit of a follow-up post to last one.  It's something that's been pin-balling around my brain since I saw this magazine cover while standing in line at the grocery store...
Have you seen it?  I'm sure most of you have at least glanced at it in line at the store.  I have to admit that looking at these women just makes me incredibly sad.  We have become a society that is so obsessed with "being thin" that we don't even know what normal is.
As difficult as it was for me to post pictures of myself in a bikini, it was a huge step toward accepting my body as it is...imperfections and all.  I have cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin, most of us do.  Some of my problem areas I can work on and improve, some not so much.  I'm okay with that.
I wrote out a mission statement for myself a few weeks ago.  I put it in my workout binder along with a couple motivational pictures of healthy strong women.  My mission statement goes something like this...

My mission is to sculpt and tone my body so I can rock my size 4 "goal jeans".  I want to feel confident and svelte in a swimsuit this summer.  With consistency, discipline and determination I will transform the good body I have into a smaller, tighter version and take it to the next level of fitness. 

Notice everything in there is positive... nothing negative.  Goals to work toward that are concrete and realistic, for me.
My point in all of this is that I think we need to stop obsessing about being thin (I'm talking unhealthy here people).  Many times we have these unrealistic ideas of what we "should" look like.  Every magazine that's out there shows us women that are airbrushed and photoshopped.  They've done crazy things to get ready for their photo shoots.  There are some women that are gifted with great genes, but for the majority of us this is not true.  It takes an inordinate amount of time, money, energy and deprivation for many of these women to look "perfect". Have you ever read what VS models do for weeks before a runway???  It's disturbing.
I'm willing to deal with imperfections as a tradeoff to having a life.  I am not defined by the number on the scale.  I'm willing to work hard, but not to the point that I cannot enjoy living.
So, work hard to give yourself the best body you can have.  Confidence doesn't come from having the  "perfect" body.  Confidence comes from knowing you're beautiful in whatever shape or size you are.  I'm not saying to settle, I'm saying to love yourself through the process and do your best to have a healthy body image that is accepting of flaws.
I also want to stop and say thank you to the ladies who commented on the last post.  Your words helped me to get over the anxiety I was feeling over posting the photos.

Okay folks, time for you to weigh in...I'd love to here your thoughts on the subject of body image, perfection/imperfection and confidence. Ready, set, GO! 


Lalie said...

I agree with you. I would much rather have a life and be able to eat like a normal person while striving for health and a decent body. I'm an apple shape and I forever will be with a large chest and smaller legs. I will never have a lean dancer's body and I accept that and I will not kill myself with exercise to try to attain that.
I like to exercise but only so much in a week as I have a very physical job cleaning houses. I think the key is to lose weight in a sustainable way that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Constant exercise and deprivation is not sustainable nor is it healthy.
I think women and especially moms need to see their bodies as a history of their life. My stretchmarks are the badges of having babies and so on. Hope this all makes sense. I love your blog and thank you so much for sharing your pictures. You are beautiful the way you are!


REBYRYAN said...

I 100% agree! I think there is a HUGE difference between skinny and healthy. I personally prefer to be healthy.