Monday, January 9, 2012


Soooo, ummmm, yeeaaahh, I've been very bad. I'm talking binges, carb overload, massive gains. I feel like crap & my jeans barely fit (the ones that were getting too big). I've drawn the line in the sand, and it stops today. I've set myself up for success by having good stuff in the house, and finally getting my head right. Today's weight- 157.8. Yup, 14.2 lbs up from my lowest weight. While I'm a little pissed at myself, that's unproductive. I went for a run this morning with the kids, that's productive. I have a healthy dinner planned, also productive.
I have to believe that eating the junk will send me off the rails. I can't keep lying to myself that "I can handle it" when it comes to some of my trigger foods. There are certain things that I just can't eat because it creates a cascade effect.
My previous weight goals are all screwed up now, so I'll have to sit down and create a new timeline. Stay tuned....
Here's to a great week!


REBYRYAN said...

Sorry to hear about the gain! Sounds like we're in a similar spot right now. I love how you worded this, it really hit home for what I've been doing (but either not realizing or completely denying). It's doable though! Good luck with your new goals.

suzeeQ32 said...

I believe in you girl! P.S: i'm in the same boat - i had a 10lb gain over the holidays!YIKES! But I have to admit, it was FUN!!!