Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Cheesecake....

Cheesecake, CHEESEcake, CHEESECAKE!! I hear it calling to me from the fridge. While it's tempting to go get a slice and nosh away, here I sit at the computer, blogging. Much more constructive, I do believe. Why do I want cheesecake (other than the obvious... because it's there)?? It's 7:30 pm and everyone else is asleep or at least tucked into bed. I'm slightly bored, hence the urge to eat, and hey, there's cheesecake and treats in the house lol. I really tried to get the stupid thing out of the house today but hubby says he wants to eat more of it. Bugger it...really?! You complained that it was dry, and you don't even really like cheesecake that much!
Okay, yes, I'm being dramatic. But it's entertaining me.

Soooo, I think I've got enough control now to walk past the refrigerator to get my book. I may yell at the cheesecake on my way through, but the urge to eat it has mostly subsided...amazing how that works sometimes ☺
Goodnight all!


Sabrina said...

You're awesome!

Lucy said...

I always feel better the next day when I haven't indulged in something I know I shouldn't have (like late night Lays Potato Chips!).

Here's to a great New Year!

REBYRYAN said...

Working on this one... :)