Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goal Update

So this was a good "on track" week for me meaning that I felt in control, ate mostly lower carb and didn't binge. There were a few stressful things that popped up, but I made it through without turning to food. I REALLY wanted to a few times but I resisted because I am sick and tired of doing this up/down thing with the scale. I got in a few good runs this week and some strength training. There's always room for improvement, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. This coming week I really want to concentrate on eating more vegetables. More often than not I reached for something un-veggie for a snack or meal. And guess what, I lose more when I eat more vegetables (IMAGINE THAT!??). This morning's weight- 153.6. Loss of 4.2 lbs. 10 more pounds to go to get back to my lowest weight. Obviously I didn't hit my previously set goal of 149 by today's date. I knew I wasn't going to though since I spent the first week of January almost completely out of control. I'm not trying to sweep it under the rug, but dwelling on it won't change anything. I'm doing better, I have a plan and here are the new weight goals:

Feb 1st- 149
Feb 15th- 145
Mar 1st- 141
Mar 15th- 137
Apr 1st- 134 goal

So here's to a great week! I'm going to plan my dinners for the upcoming week and then hit the grocery store.....

Edit: For those of you who read this post earlier and saw the picture with the quote- After a little research into WHERE the pic came from, I decided to take it down. I wasn't comfortable posting something from a girl who is 103 lbs and struggling with an eating disorder. My apologizes for not paying enough attention to details!!!


M said...

Someone needs to send that poor girl in the pic many, many sandwiches.

Tiffany said...

LOL- No kidding! Not the look I'm going for, but I like the quote. Guess I could've used the quote without the picture, but....

REBYRYAN said...

So now I'm curious, what was the quote?