Monday, September 19, 2011

Paleo week 1 review

Last week's weight:154.8
This week's weight: 149.6
Weight change: -5.2

It took a few days to adjust my thinking, but after the initial adjustment phase into eating paleo, thing got easier. I didn't have to think so much. It also brought to light for me how much I was grazing. I'd grab a slice of cheese, a handful of goldfish or animal crackers while I was getting something for the kids. All those little calories add up though. It's almost like I thought if it wasn't on a plate or it wasn't on MY plate, it didn't count (silly I know).
I had two major things to deal with this week: 1) Family BBQ, 2) Date Night. Happy to report I handled both. I brought a yummy fruit salad and fresh toasted coconut to the BBQ plus chowed on the tritip and enjoyed myself. Date night was a little more difficult. It was a benefit dinner so I had to eat what was being served. Plus I had to get hubby to understand that I wasn't going to drink this time. Thankfully there was a big salad (which I ate with some lime juice, just how I like it) and green beans. The chicken had some sort of mushroom cream sauce but I picked one with the least amount of sauce and called it good. Sometimes you just gotta do the best with what you have available. Were these 2 meals perfect paleo? Nope. Am I okay with how I handled them and the foods I ate? Absolutley.
Since I've gotten the eating thing pretty dialed in, this week I'm moving on to exercise routine. I got a new toy this weekend.... my Mama Wants Her Body Back workout collection.
I'm a bit of a sucker for new exercise DVD's. This set appealed to me because it's designed for moms. I'll let you know what I think after week 1. I found the lecture DVD that's included to be
very appropriate and helpful.
Here's to a great week! Hope yours is fantastic too!


Sabrina said...

Nice!!! Awesome job on the loss!!! Hope you like the new workout!

Floriana said...

Amazing loss this week! Well done!

REBYRYAN said...

Great job on the loss! And good job sticking with the Paleo. I'll be interested to hear your review of the new workout!

REBYRYAN said...

I'm 5'7". I have actually been maintaining at around 135 so it's really not that much to lose, just so I can say I did... :)

Thanks for the reminder on the nuts. I was trying to think of easy ways to get more than just fruits and veggies.

If you've got any tips on beans (preparation from dry and recipes) please send them my way! I am not a bean eater but have a ton of dry beans in my basement that I want to start using!

Samantha said...

Great job getting through a BBQ and date night! Both occasions can be tricky but you did it!!