Monday, October 3, 2011

Perfect? Not me...

Current Weight:147.8
Previous Weight:149.4
Change: -1.6
Total loss on Paleo: 7 lbs (2.33 lb/wk average)

Sorry I didn't update y'all last week. We have alot going on right now and I didn't take the time to sit and write. I tried a couple times and just couldn't get my brain to engage. The past week with paleo was probably my hardest. I had a surprise visit from my monthly visitor. Since I'm still nursing my cycles are a bit out of whack. I had one day that stress and emotions got the better of me and I went off paleo and ate some candy corn, a grilled cheese sandwich and drank a beer. I ate it, it's done, moving on. I'm done feeling guilty if I eat something I "shouldn't". I think if I'm making good choices most of the time, I'm okay. Some days are better than others and I don't have to be perfect. Perfect is boring...
Now, on to the workouts. This will be my 3rd week doing the Mama Wants Her Body Back workouts. I like the series. I'm shooting for 4-5x a week (20 min total body + 10 min abs). Plus, I walk and occasionally run and am generally active. There are a few things I like about the Mama Wants workouts: 1) I don't feel like I'm killing myself and can't go on with rest of my day, 2) It's easy to fit into my day time-wise, 3) I'm seeing better muscle definition, 4) It's great for my core! Overall, thumbs up.
So, now you're all up to date. I'm looking forward to a great week. Hopefully you are too. Happy Monday peoples!

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REBYRYAN said...

May have to give the workouts a try! For me, staying active really is a big key to this whole thing! Way to go!

Thanks for the avocado recommendation. I really like the taste of avocados but I am VERY allergic to them. I actually am allergic to most fruits and veggies in their raw form (yeah, makes eating healthy an adventure)! I can get away with eating a lot of them but avocados are one of the worst for me! :(