Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 days of paleo

Hi guys! So I've been a bit busy lately. Had to take the baby to the ER last week, she got a tummy bug which led to decrease in food/nursing which led to mild dehydration. Dealing with a sick child is never fun, but when they're small it's even worse. It took some IV fluids and a few days to perk her up, but her appetite has returned so we're back in business. My own food intake was kind of all over the place as I tend to overdo it when I'm tired, stressed or PMSing. I was all three at once...yay! NOT!!!
Anyway, this mornings' weight: 154.6. Not bad considering some of my poor choices lately. So, I'm brushing it off and moving on. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I've been playing around with a "Paleo" type diet for a while but haven't fully committed. No time like the present though. I feel better when I eat this way so I've decided to go full Paleo for 30 days. Today is day 2 for me. If you're wondering, "What the heck's paleo???", I'll give you a nutshell... mostly lean proteins, fruit (in moderation), veggies, tubers & good fats (coconut, avocados, olive oil, nuts etc). No grains, dairy or legumes. The theory is based off how our Paleolithic ancestors ate. I don't have to weigh, measure or count calories. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. There's lots of info out there, if you want more just google "paleo diet" or "paleo solution".
Currently I'm reading Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso.
If you're interested in paleo, this is a good source as it has lots of recipes. I'm really excited to try some of them. Be sure, if I find one I really like I'll definitely share ☺
So that's where I am. Still plugging along, focusing on eating well and being active...one day at a time.
I'm curious, have you heard of paleo? Tried it? Are you interested?


REBYRYAN said...

Never heard of it, but gotta have my grains! :)

Lucy said...

Very close to low carb since the "no grain" is pretty much "no carbs"...I predict you are going to do excellent! I bet the weight is going to melt off you :) no, i'm not joking...

My husband has been playing around with going "Primal".

Paleo, primal, low carb...all good in my book.

Leese said...

No beans!!?? Didn't those keep you full for a long time?

Tiffany said...

@Lucy- Yes, it can be lower carb because no grain, but I could choose to eat lots of sweet potatoes and squash and not fall into that category too.
@Leese- Yes, I've toted my love for beans in the past. I'm not saying I'll never have beans again. For the first 30 days though, I will not. After that I may add them in on occasion and see how I feel. This is truly an experiment to see how I look, feel and perform doing this. This is a choice and I can choose to eat whatever I want. I have noticed a major inflammatory response when I eat certain things so this is a test to help weed out the things that do that so I can feel the best I possibly can. As for feeling full, I can eat a massive salad and feel full for a long time too. Protein and good fats keep me feeling full as well. A handful of almonds or a few brazil nuts and some veggies... these things do the trick too and keep me satiated.

Leese said...

It sounds like you have lots of alternatives lined up. Can't wait to hear how you feel/look when the month is over!