Friday, June 3, 2011

You LIE!!

I'm so irritated by the scale right now. Quite simply, it lies!! Even though I know it's water weight, seeing the scale creep up every day this week is flippin' discouraging! I've been eating pretty well, except a little higher than norm on the sodium and working out (sore muscles= water retention too). So basically, I'm doing it to myself. Add to that I haven't been as strict about getting in my 6-8 bottles of water. Time to buckle down, push the water, veggies & lean protein and get the number back where it "should" be.
On a nicer note, some of my "skinnier" clothes are starting to fit. I pulled out the tub this week and started trying things on, just to see. Another 10-20lbs and most everything should be wearable.
The mental disconnect has reared it's ugly head again though. I know in my head that I've lost 35 lbs, but I'm having a difficult time seeing it or feeling like it. I think it's time for some pictures. Visual aides tend to be helpful...
Anyway, that's all for now. Happy Friday blogosphere!


Tammy said...

Hey, congrats on the clothes being soooo close to fitting! That must feel good. :) Definitely pics will help bring that 35lbs into reality for you. Can't wait to see!

Take care and keep up the awesome work, lady!

Greta from said...

Tiff...what is the body fat this week? I bet you will find less fat and more muscle. Keep working it, baybeee! You are doing great!