Thursday, April 1, 2010

Up & down...'round & 'round

I know I've been missing from the blogosphere for a bit...sorry guys. My hormones (I guess) decided to take me for a ride. The roller coaster I've been on pretty much sucks. Blech. I'm still feeling "off" but I am really trying to pull it back together. Wallowing in this funk is not healthy and that is what I'm striving for most of all. So onward and upward.
Oh and just to share...I am terrified of gaining weight while pregnant right now. What's that doing to my mood? Not helping, that's for sure. It's definitely one of the cases where you're afraid of something so you're making it happen. I have been doing a very good impression of my old know, the one that helped me get up to my highest weight. It's got to stop. I enjoy living and eating healthy. I don't enjoy living and eating crappy. Time to turn things around and get back on the healthy track. I've got a healthy lunch and dinner planned. The ice cream I ate for breakfast cannot be undone so we move on. I am definitely going running this evening and then tomorrow I do the same....
I'm going to start again with 21 days of healthy living (I made it 18 days before things started falling apart). I also think I am going to try and blog every day about it too.
Oh, and stay tuned later for the "belly" picture and weight update that I promised for the first of the month.


Brittany said...

Hi, I came across your blog through a friends blog a few months ago and I just have to say that I am SO inspired by your journey! So much that I tell people about this great blog that I secretly stalk. ; ) And about how amazing your weight loss is.

I just want to say that if you can run marathons and lose so much weight you can TOTALLY make it through this pregnancy the healthy way and bounce back to your skinny self in NO time!

Thought you might like to hear that! And thanks for your story! : )

Sabrina said...

Tiff, stick with it!!! You will be so much healther and so will baby. And you will be so happy that you did it. We are all behind you. Don't change the pattern that you have gotten into with eating healthy and exercising. It is all for the good of you and baby. You know it now just stick with it. (Those are big sister orders ;) I know, I can just see your eyes rolling. Love ya!

REBYRYAN said...

You can totally do it! Just think of how much better off both you AND baby will be by sticking to it! And don't beat yourself up when you slip. It's happened before and you've gotten back on track!

PrettyWoman said...

I need to reel it in too Tiffany. This is hard. it really is. You can do it.