Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello old friend...

I think I'm sounding like a broken record to those of you who are still reading. Unfortunately it's just the place that I'm at right now. This week has been bad for me exercise-wise. I could come up with excuses...rain, not feeling up for it (blah,blah,blah). I haven't been eating that great either. Not horrendously, but not really good either. The 10 lbs I put on at the beginning of the month is here to stay and I am not looking forward to the weight update on May 1st. Anyhow, I'm not feeling that great right now so I'm taking a break from the housework to sit at the computer. This morning I decided it's time to make friends with the scale again. Weighing every morning will be a visual reminder of where I am and that I can't let my weight get out of control during pregnancy. I'm thinking of the scale as a tool. While it's not fun to watch the number creep back up, it reminds me that every tick that goes up, must come back off after baby is born. And losing weight isn't easy! Why do I want to give myself more to have to work on?
Hope everyone has a great to do more housework (awesome, huh?)


The Whitsitt Family said...

Hi, I am new to your blog. I have been reading through your archives, and your weight loss story is inspiring. I struggle with weight I gained while pregnant with my son. He is now three! I don't think I have an excuse anymore. I hope I can learn to love running as much as you do. Congrats on baby #3!


Sabrina said...

Tiff, just remember you are in the beginning "blah" stage. It would be great to use the scale as a tool but don't let it depress you. Remember it will go up but it is for a reason, your making a baby. ;)Wait until your body starts getting in sync with baby-making and your 2nd trimester and you will have energy galore and you can really keep things in check. But don't, don't, DON'T let it depress you. Just keep up with the good exercise and it will all work out. Love ya!