Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog My Run Challenge

First let me say thanks to my bloggy buddy Diane for inspiring me to join in her "Blog My Run" challenge. I couldn't resist cause hey, there's a prize...who wouldn't want to win a book and an old pair of her sneakers as a trophy? If you want to check it out, click here.
So here are some pictures from my run today...
Hope you enjoyed the virtual run with me. And please forgive the not so great pic of myself and my son with his goofy face. It was the best shot I could get ☺


Greta from said...

He is SO darling!!! Gorgeous run. Gorgeous Mom. !!

Diane said...

What a beautiful run! On such a beautiful day! We are having snow here today and although I could go out there and crank one out, I don't feel like running in the drizzling sleet for the moment.

Love your run and pic of you with your little running buddy. Thanks again for posting. In a couple weeks I'm going to put all the runs up with links on my blog so that we can be sure to check each other out. It really is fun to see where people are running all over the planet!