Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tuesday I got sick. Nothing serious, just a minor cold, but I haven't felt up to exercising for the past 2 days. Today I am feeling better, not great, but better. I think I'm going to drive over to work out this afternoon. I don't want to lose my momentum. I have fallen into that trap before and don't want to go there again. I am making progress and I feel powerful. It is such a great feeling to step on the scale and see a lower number. I am 11 lbs. from pre-prego weight! Of course I wasn't at my ideal weight when I got preggers, but that would be a great milestone to hit. I have had quite a few temptations the past few days and handled them well. We are getting to the tough part when Dylan sabatoges me (unconciously). Yesterday he made cinnamon rolls, I ate half instead of 2 like normal. Then, he's brought home hamburgers twice this week. Monday I ate half of one, Wenesday I ate a just wasn't appetizing. I know that he doesn't do it to be mean, but this always happens. He works hard so he can burn off the extra calories. Me, the junk goes straight to my butt. I am keeping the goal in sight. If I lose 3 more lbs, I'm at my first goal. I am doing this!

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sabrina said...

Good job on controlling the urge!!!! That is the hardest part and once you get to where you can say no then things will happen for you. Congrats on only being 11 lbs away! That is a milestone. ;)