Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sometimes, I just want to kick my husband so hard! =) This is what he grabbed at the grocery store today. Really? I just mentioned this morning that I wanted us to eat better. I don't know what the deal is! Before we even went shopping, he called the Thai place down the street and got fried bananas. We haven't had those in months, and all the sudden he get the hankerin' for 'em? I don't get it. Am I just unaware of the other times he does this or does it get worse when I'm trying to get healthier?
We did however get the pudding. As it's sugar free-fat free, it is a better choice for me. Lily loves it too. I'll just have to not put things in my mouth that shouldn't be there. Having an alternative works good for me. Something else I figured out, putting the bad stuff up high somewhere out of eyesight helps too. Out of sight, out of mind. Find a high cupboard or the top of the fridge. If I have to open a cupboard and stare at something yummy every time I get Lily a snack, I cave fairly quickly. Not gonna do it with these treats D wanted to buy. Not gonna do it...

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Sabrina said...

You know the one thing that works for me when I want to snack and shouldn't is to chew gum. So if you see me chewing gum that means I am trying not to eat someting.