Monday, April 28, 2014

Transparency & Accountability

Gah! I can't seem to keep focused.  I'm all over the place with my eating.  To help me get straightened out, I've decided to get honest as well as employing the guidelines from the last post.  If it goes in my mouth, you guys will know. For the next 30 days (maybe longer) I'm going to snap a picture and share my eats. That's one of the only sure-fire ways I know to keep myself accountable. I'm not doing a Whole30, but I am going to focus on eating whole foods and lots of veggies.  I'm not worried about my weight or weight-loss.  This is about dragging myself out of the current cycle.  I don't think I look bad, but I am feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  My clothes are feeling snug and the out of control feeling is messing with my head. This goes into the "Focus on Health" category.

Here's a quick recap of yesterday's food. I didn't take a picture of my pre workout BP Coffee and leftover steak I scarfed down... I hadn't made the decision to photograph my food yet. For any of you who aren't familiar with Bulletproof Coffee, Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo explains it much better than I....   

I was a little "fruit heavy", but otherwise it was a solid day...

My mid afternoon "treat" was bubbly and refreshing. 

 I woke up with a stiff lower back yesterday and by the time I finished my workout it was feeling worse.  I haven't dealt with back pain like this is quite a few years.  I'm going to soak in a Epsom salt bath and attempt to stretch it out with some yoga.  Hopefully that will help and I can get back to "normal".  Grrr.

Here's to great week!!

What do you think of my idea of nutritional transparency??


Anonymous said...

I have tried "nutritional transparency" many times, and it never works for me. Mostly because I feel ashamed if I'm not eating the way I (or I think someone else thinks) should be eating. On one hand, to be in a place where you can say, "Yup, this is me. This is what I eat," is great. But I just can't break through the anxiety yet. Which is why I just post cute toddler pictures and hope no one notices :) I hope you find it a motivating and useful tool, because I do like to lurk and see what other people eat. Haha, so ironic.

Tiffany said...

I can understand how that could be the case Emily. I've been TRYING to let go of the "worrying what others think about me" and just live my life. This seems like a big step in that direction. I'm not going to worry if I eat something that someone else thinks is bad. We'll see how it goes :)
P.S. Your toddler pictures are great.

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I love the idea but I can never stick with it! I'll do like a week and forget to take pictures or don't have time to post. I too am all over the place with eating. :(