Monday, November 21, 2011

Pushing the Crazies away....

Hi bloggy-world!! What's shakin'? Thought I'd pop in for a quick post and update. Things are going very well right now. I went off sugar and back to eating lower carb "paleo-ish" because that's when I feel my best. The change in my mood, energy level & cravings is so drastic that it seems silly to live and eat any other way. There will always be exceptions of course, like yesterday. We celebrated my daughters' first birthday so I licked the frosting, ate a cupcake, & drank some spiced get the picture. What I didn't do though was let the crazy in. You know, the little voice that says, "You've already had a little, so GO FOR IT, EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!". It occurred to me that just because I have the thought, doesn't mean I have to indulge in it (insightful, right? lol). I acknowledged the thoughts and then asked myself "Why??". I didn't really want to eat anything else but the compulsion was there because I had already "messed up". But here's the rub, I didn't mess up. I enjoyed myself, and today I'm going back to eating the things that make me feel good. Period.
This morning I'm staying off the scale. It's just a number. Obviously it's a great tool to track a downward (or upward) trend, but on a day to day basis it can drive you crazy if you don't keep it context. Yes, in general I weigh every day but mostly to track the trends. I know whether or not I'm doing the right thing with my food intake. Yesterday wasn't a stellar day so I'm going to have some water fluctuations. I know that already and seeing a higher number can just screw with my head and throw off my positive momentum.
I've also taken a similar approach to clothing sizes lately. Now that I'm doing more shopping for myself, it has become abundantly clear that there is no standard sizing (especially with pants). So now if it fits and looks good, I'm buying it. I could care less what the number on the tag says. I might wear a 2 or a 9 or anything in between. It's about feeling good in my own skin. Why should I let a number dictate that?? (Climbing down off my soapbox now).
For the next 3 days I'm going to concentrate on eating lots of veggies, good fats & protein. I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving and then eat more veggies, good fat & protein. I'm going to be active, play, fit in a workout or two if I can swing it, and move forward...
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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