Monday, November 7, 2011

Pulling it together....

As promised,(several times), here is an updated "progress" picture. Not much change from the last picture. I'm struggling to keep things together at the moment. I started Insanity again this morning in an attempt to snap myself back into the proper mindset. I've also decided to give myself a bit of an incentive. WHEN I finish the first 2 weeks I'm going to get a reward. I'm thinking a new outfit for Thanksgiving.... something along these lines.Or maybe like this....Obviously not these exact things, but I'm going to shoot for something that "feels" like these outfits.
Since I really want some new clothes and boots, this should be a great incentive. I've been coasting and letting myself get a bit out of control. Time to pull it together...again.
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REBYRYAN said...

You seriously look AWESOME! Way to go! I love both outfits. Best of luck to you in finding the perfect outfit!

Sabrina said...

Please seriously tell me that you can see your awesome self!! You are there lady!! You would be able to pull off both those outfits with class!! Tiff, you look awesome!