Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thinking of Tri-ing

I've been doing a lot of pondering lately about what to do after this next half marathon. I don't really have a desire to train for a marathon right now. I enjoy running but I feel like marathon training would take away from precious family time. Right now my long runs on Sunday mornings average about 1.5 hours and that's all the time I want to invest. Maybe as my children get a little older that may change, but right now, it is what it is. What I am thinking is to mix it up a little and train for a Sprint Triathalon (.5 mi swim, 12(ish) mi bike, 6(ish) mi run). I like a new challenge and I think this would give me some more variety in my workouts as well. Now I just need to work on some of the logistics...a swimming pool to train in and a bike.

So what do you think? Sound fun or crazy???


Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Crazy! But you can do it. LOL! I think that would be an AWESOME goal!

Diane said...

Not crazy and of course you can do it! I would suggest tri - ing out a pool triathlon first. the swim will be shorter, the bike about 10 miles, the run 3 miles or so.

Then you may want to move up to an open water sprint tri. How do you feel about swimming in open water? if you haven't done much then you'll need to get some experience BEFORE you do an event. most people are fairly panicked by this (myself included) and need a litte practice at it. the swim is usually o.5 miles, bike around 12-15 miles, then run about 3.2 miles.

My guess is you'll be fantastic at these and move up to the olympic distance rather quickly. that's a full 1 mile swim, usually around 25 miles on the bike and then a 6 ish mile run.

The challenging part of triathlons is not completing the distance. it's completing the distance as fast as you can, go all out. most people take around an hour and a half to do an open water sprint tri. the winners do it in an hour! olympic? two to three hours of hard work.

It's fun. You'll get hooked. And you'll feel strong and confident and empowered when you finish, no matter what distance you go for.

Can't wait to hear which tri you pick to start out with!

leslie mae said...

That would be sweet!! Check out Jeff Galloway's marathon training schedule. It's 30 minute runs on Monday & Wednesday and a distance on Saturday. There would only be a few runs that topped that 1.5 hour mark. Just a suggestion! Can't wait to hear about the TRI!!!