Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Been Thinking...Oooo scary!

Ya'll are getting a second post today! Don't you feel special? Hehehe. No, this is actually a serious post after some soul searching and analyzing. I had one of those "Ah-Ha" moments today while I was doing the dishes. I've been battling the old eating habits and overeating....again. I was trying to figure out WHY. Are you interested? Well, I'm sure it's just one piece of the puzzle, but figuring out some of the reasons WHY I'm hoping will help me avoid sidetracks in the future. Okay, now I'm stalling. I really don't want to cop to's embarrassing.
I want to be lazy and lounge around right now. But I feel guilty if I'm not being productive. I could be cleaning something, folding laundry or any number of things. If I'm taking a "break" to eat something though, THAT'S a legitimate excuse to sit down and veg. Isn't that pathetic? I'm using food as a stalling tactic, just like I used to use cigarettes when I smoked. Throw in some hormonal loveliness and you've got a recipe for disaster.
So enough of this crap! If I'm having a lazy day, so be it. Every once in a while it's okay, continuing on with it is not. Acknowledge and move on! Now. I am not a lazy person, most of the time. I am not going to allow myself to regain any more weight that I've worked so hard to get off in the first place. That is not an option!
So now I think my noggin is back on straight. How is yours doing?


witheringwaist said...

Hey there-glad you're back to posting! I know for me it's hard to post for all the world to see when my mind has been in a funk. Like you said, it's embarrassing. But you know what, it's real. We are real women with real daily lives. I think you're doing super and more credit needs to be thrown your way!! Kudos for realizing where you are at, and for not contiuing (so, so easy to do)....and what if, God forbid, it does continue for a wk...or TWO! You know what, the world isn't going to just get back up, as you've done many times before. How do I know this..because you've made it this far, and not so you can throw in the towel and quit. We are fighters, and we are women who make things happen. We are stronger than we realize!

sabrina said...

I think you will find that lots of people feel the same way. Take a break but be conscious of what you are doing so that things don't get out of control. You are at such a great place.....looking good and much healthier. Love ya!!

Greta from said...

Interesting....and...true! Yes...eating can be a reason to just sit still for a bit. The key, I figuring out how to not eat EVERY time we sit still, right? Good food for thought. Thanks.

Diane said...

Hi there,
You've come such a long way and worked hard. It's always good to take sometime off if your body and mind really need a vacation. Maybe a few days R&R is beneficial right now. In a week or so I'll start bugging you to get off the couch if you are still there. For now, just relax and enjoy (ok, impossible to do with young children in the house, but it's what I'm wishing for you!)