Saturday, August 24, 2013

Whole30 Eats & a "noncompliant" meal...

Time for another food report.  As you can tell from the title of this post, I ate a non-Whole30 meal.  Read on for the explanation...

Before we get to the noncompliant meal, here are my other eats:

My husband asked me out on a date.  I was not going to turn that down.  So we went out. Dinner actually would've been "compliant" if it hadn't been for the beurre blanc (white wine sauce).  I didn't eat much of the sauce, just a little that was on one corner of my fish. I could've eaten a lot more of it, but decided not to.  I am not going to make myself crazy about this. I don't feel guilty.  Life isn't about being "perfect". I gave the chunk of feta on my salad to my husband (for which he was eternally grateful) and I didn't eat the pita bread that smelled amazing. To be honest, I'm proud of the choices I made and wouldn't change anything about our dinner date. 

Going forward I'm still planning on staying gluten-free and dairy free.  I feel much better than I did at the start of the month.  I've been feeling a little bored with my food, but otherwise things are good. 

Hope your weekend is great!

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Jeanette said...

I have a few times that I will always, WITHOUT guilt, eat a non-paleo meal: fancy dinner dates with my guy (which are only once every couple months for financial reasons!) and weddings!! I think you did awesome by only having the sauce be the noncompliant part (I often will indulge in rice or bread at these times!)