Monday, August 5, 2013

Personal insights & Whole30 eats...

Things are plugging along with this Whole30. Now, after the first few days are behind me, is when it will  get more difficult.  I am feeling better, so those "just a little bite of X" thoughts creep in.  I'm going to resist though and stay the course.

Forewarned, I'm going to talk about monthly cycles now...nothing graphic, but I like to give a heads up before talking female stuff :)

It's about that time in my cycle for ovulation.  Generally, I get cravings for sweets and higher carb, have an increased appetite & retain water for a few days.  If I binge on sugar at this point in the month, the cravings and sugar dragon explode into massive proportions and I struggle until about day 2 of TOM.  (Can you tell I've experienced this a few times??) So, I need to be very mindful of my food the next few days. Plus, I need to lay off the dense carbs & fruit unless I really need to refuel post workout.

Being aware of how my body reacts to the various stages of my fertility cycle has been key for me.  I dislike the swings that I go through on a monthly basis, but by recognizing the trends I have been able to handle things better.  I also know that my "symptoms" ease some if I eat better.  Shocking, right?

Last month when I was in full out "crazy eating mode" I think I pinpointed dairy as a problem for me.  I have seen a correlation between dairy consumption and depression/emotional instability in myself.  This is completely anecdotal, and I understand that correlation does not equal causation, but it is something I am aware of.  It's possible that something else I was eating was problematic, but I feel pretty strongly that dairy was at the root.  

So anyway.... I won't be adding dairy back after this Whole30.  As much as I love cheese, sour cream and half n half, it's out for the foreseeable future.  I much prefer an evenly keeled mental status.

Are you bored yet by my ramble?  Ready to see what I've been eating?

Here ya go...

Hope you have a fantastic week! 

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Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Doing so well, it's about finding what works for your body. I love that you've been able to pin-point the times that your crave...I start 2 days out from my TOM and go until about day 4.