Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exercise, excuses and kids...

These days figuring out the "when" to exercise is tricky.  I switch it up often as my list of things to do varies from day to day.  If I'm running, I generally wait till hubby gets home from work mid afternoon (so I can go by myself).  If I'm doing a DVD I try to squeeze it in during nap time.  Lately though, that's been interesting.  My 2 yr old stinker  angel is trying to give up her nap, which she still NEEDS.  In the past, my 4 yr old "rests" and watches a movie in my room while the 2 yr old naps, which allows mommy some sanity time to workout.  Not so much lately.  So I had to come up with a solution.  Depending on how the angel is behaving any given day, I've been attempting to let them both rest and watch a movie together.  Preparing ahead of time is key.  Feed them lunch, change the little one's diaper, get a small snack set up on the table and juice in the cups, potty break for the oldest and then give the speech "Please don't argue, keep your hands to yourself, watch the movie till mommy's done". Some days it works, some days it doesn't lol. Some days I walk in and find this....

My point is, I could easily use the kids as a reason NOT to workout. It's easy to find reasons why you can't.  It's harder to lose the excuses and DO IT some days. 
I will say though, I am a better mommy for making the time to exercise. I feel better and have more energy.  Yay :) 
Something else I like to do is incorporate the kids into workouts where possible (in the form of play).  Some of my best ab workouts are in the evenings when I'm playing with the kids.  Reverse crunches with them on my legs, hip thrusts with a kid sitting on me, downward dog into up dog (bridge is open, bridge is closed...hurry kids, crawl under before the bridge closes).... you get the idea.  Fun times all around. Sometimes even a good old fashioned dance party is just the ticket.

For you mommy's out there, how do swing it? Do you get up early, use childcare at the gym, exercise with the kids?  What's your plan of attack?
For those of you without kids... do you make excuses not to exercise? What are the reasons you use? (Kids are an easy one, but I know the list is endless).


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

We are so much alike! Even our kids are the same age haha. I also have my 4 year old rest for a bit while my 2 year old naps. It gives us both a break. I've been noticing my two year olds nap time dwindling. It seems to be getting shorter and shorter :(

I use the kid care at the gym I go to. It's usually the only time I get to myself. Plus I can really focus on working out and not have to rush through it!

Just remember things will change! They always do with kids :)

REBYRYAN said...

Unfortunately, I HAVE been using the kids as an excuse! I just need to get back into the swing. I really like your ideas for working out WITH the kids!