Friday, March 11, 2011

Jinxed myself...

I guess I spoke too soon when I said I seemed to be getting better. Yeah, the cold came ROARING back, worse than before. I lost my voice, got pink eye and have just generally felt terrible since Tuesday afternoon. Since swallowing hurts so bad my food intake has been much lower for the past few days which has led to nice drop on the scale...silver lining I suppose LOL.
Anyway, just wanted to check in. Next week hopefully I'll feel up to exercising again. After talking with my husband I've decided to do the first month of Insanity again. The second month's workouts (which I did Monday) are longer and tougher and I think too much while nursing. We'll see how it goes.
Happy Friday everyone!

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Lucy said...

Most Important then the working out, exercise, food intake, etc: Take Care of Yourself - get rest when you can (I'm sure that can feel like an impossible task w/the little ones needing you 25/7). Feeling sick stinks! Hope you feel better soon :)