Saturday, January 8, 2011


AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay, virtual screams aren't as satisfying as actual screams. I'm feeling off kilter, out of control and ready to shove anything and everything in my mouth. It's like PMS from hell that won't quit. My kids are driving me bonkers and even though I got 7 (straight) hours of sleep last night I still feel tired. I think part of it's the weather, it's cold, damp and overcast, and part of it's hormonal and part of it's EVERYTHING. Monday is weigh-in day and I know I've gained. Feeling like a ship without a rudder at this point. Crap...


Sabrina said...

Definitely is cabin fever weather..............hang in there! Schedule will change next week. Think about the positives. Love ya!

Lucy said...

Take a deep breathe and keep doing what you KNOW to do, not what you FEEL like doing and this will pass!

I was feeling the same way last weekend-UGH! I was trying on clothes for the work week,not wanting to wear the old standby (jeans & sweatshirt)...everything felt tight and I felt fat & ugly! IT was horrible. I finally had to run out of my bedroom (leaving mayhem behind) and write out my feelings! It helped. I calmed down and focused on enjoying the evening....the bedroom was cleaned little by little...anyhoo - hang in there kid!

P.S.: I'm SOOO glad you're back!!!!

PrettyWoman said...

You can do it Tiffany. You know you can. And I am here for you if you need me. Just holla' :)

Where did your "before" pic go off to?

You've got this. You know you do.