Monday, January 10, 2011

Eye on the PRIZE

Today was weigh-in day. And I gained....just like I knew I would. You can't eat ice cream and chocolate cupcakes and not gain. Official weight this morning...202.0. Two pounds up. But it's okay, it didn't send me into a downward spiral for the rest of the day. I deserved to see that number on the scale.
Better news, the week is off to a solid start. Today was great. I kicked some butt on my workout and ate well all day long. Makes me wonder why I keep doing this to myself with the crappy eating. I LOVE how I feel when I eat good food! Don't you?
One thing I'm trying to do again this week is making lists. I sat down this weekend and planned my week...chores, workouts, dinners etc. Then I made a spreadsheet and posted it on the fridge. Gotta say, I ♥ my lists. There's no "What's for dinner?" or "What do I need to do today?" bs slowing me down. I even "scheduled" time to make next weeks' spreadsheet lol. Having 3 kids necessitates some more organization on my part I think (for those that don't know and love me, organizations not one of my strongest suits ☺). Baby steps steps!
My motto for the week: Eye on the prize baby! Eye on the prize...


Sabrina said...

You're awesome! Schedules do help things. It is a good idea to schedule time for the next list. I always set up one list then don't continue them after a week or too. I guess just has to become habit.

Lucy said...

Great strides start with baby steps! At least for me :)

"Eye on the prize" is right! Yesterday I bought a dress that is 2 sizes too small!! (It was only $4.00 at GWill). That's my prize. Once that dress fits me...I'm going to look "killer"(another teenage daughter word!!)