Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something new...

I was asked to do a guest post over at "A Daily Dose of Dieting". It will be appearing on Saturday. I hope you'll check it out. Just click on the button on the sidebar....if you're still reading then you didn't click. Seriously, stop reading and go....LOL :)
If any of you are dropping by from ADDOD...Welcome!! Leave me a comment and say "Hi". I LOVE comments!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am back on track and feeling good again. I feel like I can't eat very much right now, and that kinda stinks, but it will be worth it in the end. I'm very pleased with the physical side of things though. I'm getting stronger and faster. That's the best feeling. I finished a 3 mile run in 27 minutes, and a 6 miler in 57 minutes. Both those times are personal bests for me. It really goes to show that perseverance can get you places.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lock it down...

After my shenanigans at the beginning of the week, I finally found the strength to lock things down and refocus. It wasn't easy. You see, I *heart* butter. Every time I walked into the kitchen I wanted to pull out a sourdough roll and slather it in butter. I resisted though. And after I "denied" myself the pleasure a few times I felt better. Back in control. Ready to rock and roll again. I went for a run last night and that helped with the refocusing effort as well. I really tried pinpointing the issues that led to my slip too. One thing for sure, I was wallowing. I'm sure it was partially a hormone thing as well. I've started the weaning process pretty seriously and that kind of hit me hard. I can't believe Riley is 11 months old. I know that he is ready because he was losing interest in nursing, but it is emotionally difficult on mommy not to feel needed like before. Onward and upward though. My kids need a strong healthy mommy. And I need to be a strong healthy woman -for me.
Today I have a birthday party to attend and I am going to be good. I let things slide a little for hubby's party and that started the downhill trend. Knowing that I am easily swayed back to old habits, I am going to stick to the things I know will help me get to my goal.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Let's just get that one thing straight, and out on the table. Things kinda snowballed and got out of control this week. I haven't exercised in 3 days, I've been eating things that are really bad. So, today it stops. Last night I vented to my husband some of the things that were bothering me. That's all it takes sometimes. I just can't internalize my hurt or irritation or anger over things. When I don't express them, I eat.....really bad things. Today I feel better emotionally. I'm tired cause the baby is teething, but I can deal with that. I am going to pay my penalty for the week and reevaluate my weight goal for the month. Keep moving forward, right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attack of the cupcake monster...

I haven't indulged in a binge in a few months but today I did, and I must confess. I felt better after my last post...for a little while. Anyway, I ended up eating the tops off about 4 cupcakes. I've been staring at them since Friday and I finally caved. I was pissed about the scale going up even after I've been so good, so I indulged. I am not proud of it, but it's done. I stopped myself from eating more, and threw away the few cupcakes that were left. Hubby is probably not going to be real happy with me when he gets home, but oh well. The bad part, I didn't even enjoy 'em. I knew what I was doing was bad, I just couldn't control the beast once I let it loose. After the cupcakes I shoved a few more things in my face before I snapped out of it. UGH, I'm disappointed in myself. I do feel like I got it out of my system though. I am going to have a salad for dinner and hope that helps compensate for the slip-up. I'll probably go for a walk this evening too. I don't want to push too hard though, because I've run 12 miles in the last 2 days and my body needs a rest. Tomorrow is a 6 miler anyway. Alright, off to do Yoga....maybe that will help calm the queasiness in my belly.

Well that Sucks!

While I freely admit I had a bit extra over the weekend, I didn't go crazy or anything. And, I ran 8 miles...that should count for something right? Imagine my shock when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was UP about 3 lbs. HUH??? It makes me want to scream! It's gotta be water retention. We ate Teriyaki Burgers last night and I also had a hot dog at lunch yesterday. I'm going to push the water today and really watch everything I eat. I know the 100+ degree weather doesn't help things, but this is frustrating. The last few days I've been feeling "fat" as it is, and this definitely touches a sore spot. Deep breath. It's okay. I've accomplished alot to this point. I'm able to get past this. I think I'll stay off the scale for a few days. I mentioned before that I get obsessive about weighing myself, I've gotten better, but I still weigh once a day(as opposed to a few times a day, it's improvement). Can I stay off the scale till Friday? That's the plan...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Shoes...

It was time. I've been meaning to get new running shoes but haven't taken the time to go out and look. Well, with all the running I've been doing lately I just couldn't ignore it anymore. Shin splints are no fun and I've been battling them. Nothing makes you NOT want to run more than when you're dealing with pain. Obviously there is a certain amount of discomfort that is normal while running, what I've been experiencing is normal plus some extra for good measure :)
So, today I got new shoes. Yeah! I am even tempted to go for a second run, just so I can try them out. I won't though because it's 103 freakin' degrees outside and that would be NUTS!!! However, I am excited to see how they perform during tomorrow nights' run.
On a side note, for anyone interested, I ran approx. 8 miles this morning (in 1:23). This is the farthest distance I've attempted to date, and I am pleased to report that I felt super when I got done. I definitely think I'll be ready by Aug. 8th for the half marathon. Look out world, I'm on a roll...

Friday, July 17, 2009

And Another One Bites the Dust...

And another one down, and another one down....ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!!
For some reason that song just keeps circling in my brain, probably because I been on a roll. The other night I ran six miles in exactly 1 hr. (thanks to a push from Melissa my running buddy), I hit 30 lbs lost (WHAT??? That's just CRAZY!), and tonight I ran a 3 miler in 28:56 (that's right baby, less than 29 minutes).
Can you tell I'm happy? Excited? Had caffeine this evening :0P Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a test. Surprise party for hubby...cupcakes galore, potato salad, burgers, chips. Guess since I was the one planning it I could've come up with a healthier menu...oh well. I'll limit my portions, and get right back to it Sunday morning. Here's to a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get a friend...

It really hit me last night that having a exercise partner is the way to go. Of course, sometimes that's easier said than done. If possible though, finding someone of the same(ish) fitness level can be very beneficial because you can push and motivate each other. A prime example is myself and my sister-in-law. We are both excited for the half marathon next month and are doing some of our training together. Last night we ran 6 miles together and I shaved 6 minutes off my normal time. Having someone to work out with can also help distract from the monotony of exercise. And, it's harder to not exercise if you make plans with someone else. Just, haha, food for thought.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sometimes You Gotta Loosen Up...

So last night instead of running my 3 miles like I planned, I went shopping. Thank you Melissa for calling and tempting me =) j/k It was a good thing actually because I need to break away from the routine from time to time or it gets boring. I've burned out before and I don't want to again. I do however want to be prepared for the half marathon that is on the agenda next month. So I went jogging tonight after the kids FINALLY went to sleep (don't even get me started on that topic...suffice to say that a teething 10 month old can make bedtime interesting). Anyway, I got in my 3 miles that I skipped yesterday and I did my yoga this morning like planned, so I am back on track for the week. Tomorrow I am supposed to run 6 miles. I hate that the temps have rocketed back up because that means I get to run in the heat. I guess I should be grateful to my hubby for getting me a "trail pack" because it is definitely going to come in handy as the temp creeps toward 103*.
My wise advice for the evening- loosen up every once in a while. Go shopping. Do something fun. Exercise will be waiting for you tomorrow. However, be mindful that you don't get too loose (I'm not even going to mention the joke I'm thinking of...hehehe). Anyway, one day off can quickly snowball, so be careful. If you keep at it though, it happens. I think back to a few months ago and I reread some of my posts....I realize now that it just hadn't clicked. If you are struggling, keep at it, and eventually it will click for you. Just keep moving forward.....

Monday, July 13, 2009


So a few things happened this weekend that would normally have thrown me off. I am more determined than ever though that I am going to reach my goal this time around. My hubby is falling into the sub-conscious sabotage mode and I have to be aware and counter act the bad stuff. It is very difficult, but it dawned on me that there are a few reasons that he gets so un-helpful at this point. 1) He gets jealous of the time I am spending training or exercising and feels that I am neglecting him 2) He gets insecure the more weight I lose. So, now that I've realized these issues I can address them as needed and avoid some of the traps that I've fallen into in the past. I refuse to let myself be undermined. I am going to try my best to spend quality time with my husband but I am not going to let negativity rule my world. I think as long as I prove that training is not interfering with my other "duties" as a wife and a mother I will be okay... So, off to clean so the house is spic-span and I can go for my evening run tonight :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

10K Race

Yes, that is a medal you see! I finished 3rd in my age group with an overall time of 1:03:48. Since the goal was to finish under 1:05, I think my time is pretty great. This experience was a good one. Between miles 3.5-5 or so was a bit of a struggle. It was awesome coming in the home stretch (the last 3/4 mile) though because a very experienced runner (who had already finished) paced me in and gave me a push and pointers. It was GREAT! I can't even tell you what a boost that gave me. I am definitely considering joining the running club in town because I think I would be able to glean alot of info and pointers to help me through the half marathon I want to participate in next month. I'll be updating my goals in the next few days and sharing pictures of my penalty and reward system. Stay tuned...

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm SO Excited!!

Today I feel good. I put on my smallest pair of jeans and I can wear them! Don't get me wrong, they don't fit perfectly, but I got them on! Tomorrow I have my 10K and I am totally prepared for it. And, I'm thinking ahead for my next goal. I've been waffling back and forth about whether to attempt a half marathon that's taking place next month here in town. I've decided that I'm going to go for it. Even if I don't run the whole thing, I know I can finish. Especially if I train for it. This is an opportunity I don't want to pass up. So, I'm feeling amp'd. I'm starting to feel better about myself overall and I'm loving the physical strides I am making. SO, next month is the half marathon (13 miles...eek) and then in September (yes I'm thinking that far in advance) I'm going to do a half in Tahoe. Do you think I'm crazy? I kinda think I am slightly :P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Penalties AND Rewards

I've been thinking about my last post some more and have a variation for those of you who are more motivated by rewards than penalties. So, again start with goals- weekly and monthly. For every goal that you keep give yourself a "tip". If you keep your weekly fitness goal, put $5 in your reward box. If you hit your monthly weight goal, $20 goes in. Then, by the time you hit your goal weight at the end, you have a nice little stash to buy some new clothes. Also, if you did the penalties too, you could take the $ from your reward box (that money could then be kept separately and maybe donated to a worthy cause).
I myself am very excited about this idea. Next week I plan on setting this up for me personally because I feel myself slipping. Not alot, but enough that I know if I don't get a handle on it I will start going back into old habits. Tonight I'm very proud of myself though, because even though I DID NOT WANT TO RUN, I DID IT ANYWAY!! I'm looking forward to my 10K in a couple days, and super excited that I've lost 26 lbs so far....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's a thought....

So, this is a thought I had for anyone who's having a hard time sticking with it. I had it after reading a post earlier today on another blog. Laura (the blogger), is having a difficult time and tends to get derailed easily. I suggested weekly and monthly goals first, but the problem for her is that she isn't very good being accountable to herself. This made me think. And it clicked, what about a penalty? If you set a weekly fitness goal i.e. workout 3x/wk, and you don't do it you pay a $5 penalty. Set a monthly weight goal and if you don't get it you pay $20(or whatever amount will motivate you) . Have a penalty jar that a friend holds for you, that way you have to confess at the time you pay. And, you cannot touch the $ until you get to your goal.
Sometimes you gotta think outside the box. Set yourself up for success. If a hit to the pocketbook is the most motivating, try this. If there's something else you think would motivate you more, I wanna hear about it. What do you think? (I, of course, think it's brilliant!)

Personal Best

So last night I decided to run a 3 miler instead of 6. I haven't run only 3 miles in a while. Since I'm training for the 10K on Saturday, I've been running longer distance for practice. I finished my 3 miles in 29 minutes. This is a personal best for me and I am so excited. I also got on the scale this morning (even though I shouldn't have) and I'm down to 180. Yeah!! That means I've lost 26 lbs so far.
Last week was difficult for me because I just wasn't eating enough lean proteins. I didn't gain, but I just didn't lose. So, this week I am focusing on great dinners with the protein falling into the fish or fowl category. You heard about my Teriyaki Burgers, then last night we did breakfast for dinner (that means eggs). Tonight it's fish tacos...mmmmm=) Anyway, my point is, if you are having a tough time, mix it up a little. Change one thing (like doing fish or fowl for a week), and see what happens. You don't have to make huge changes all at once, just do little things and it adds up. Keep movin' forward....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teriyaki Burgers

This is a little out of my normal vein, but I just have to share. I'm getting so tired of cooking the same old thing. I have this list of meals that I keep rotating through...and I'M BORED! So, while planning this weeks' meals I had this flash of brilliance, if I may say so myself. All the sudden I thought, "teriyaki turkey burgers". And oh my, did they ever turn out beautifully. Moist and flavorful. Everything you could want in a healthy low fat meal. So, I thought I'd pass it along. I know that I'm not the only one who gets tired of cooking and eating the same old things.
So, all you need to do is mix about a 1/2 c. of Mr. Yoshida's Teriyaki Sauce, some minced garlic, garlic salt, pepper & of course your lean ground turkey. Make them into patties and grill 'em up. As a bonus, I had hubby throw some pineapple rings on the bbq and those went onto the burger as well. I also topped the burger with a slice of part skim mozzarella (Dylan used cheddar, both were yummy). For added healthy factor, I went with a "protein style", meaning I decided to forgo the bun and wrap the patty in lettuce (I was bad yesterday!!). It was one of the best meals we've done in a while. And the best part, I didn't feel guilty enjoying it. If you're interested in what else was the plate(I know I would be), we had homemade coleslaw-made with light mayo, and Ranch Beans. The coleslaw wasn't the healthiest choice in the world, but I limited my portion, and I knew how much mayo I used...and it wasn't much.
So, do you have an awesome healthy dinner idea to share? If you do, I'd love to hear about it. And, if I have any more flashed of brilliance, I'll share too. Here's to an great week!! (I have no idea how that one section got to be posted in black, and I can't fix it...sorry! LOL :P)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Reward

I rewarded myself with a mani/pedi for making it back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Just thought I'd share a picture cause I think my nails turned out adorable=) My manicurist gave me a little flower power bonus on my ring fingers (just because she likes me). Also, I've been going there for 5+ years.
So anyway I am planning my next reward after I lose 40 lbs. I'm thinking a massage or a facial would be a nice treat. I guess that means I better kick my butt back into gear. I've been slacking off and this is the first week that I haven't lost weight. I haven't gained, so for that I'm thankful. I just need to buckle back down. Exercise, eat more fruits and veges, make better choices. Part of my problem has been that I haven't been eating enough lean proteins. We've been doing to much red meat. So, tonight I'm gonna go get some chicken for the grill. I also came across a recipe for roasted veges that sounded delish so that's on the menu too.
One other thing I wanted to share, a quote I came across...A moment on the lips, a month on the hips... Is it really worth it? Probably not! Just keep that in mind.